Our Mission

To meet needs and share hope with displaced people, impoverished communities, and refugees in the Middle East.

Our Vision

To bring hope to refugees, impoverished communities, and displaced people.

Our Strategy

  • Partner: Al Bayt supports local workers, churches, and organizations in the Middle East who serve refugee families.
  • Presence: Al Bayt consistently visits refugee families sharing hope, prayer, and providing aid. We must be on the front lines to engage with those who need aid most.
  • Participate: Al Bayt advocates for refugees and invites teams to pray, give, and go.

About Us

Founders — Terry and Melissa Rhodes

Terry and Melissa Rhodes, founders of the grassroots NGO Al Bayt Ministries Inc, have worked in the Middle East since 2008.

Al Bayt began as a youth outreach/coffee and tutoring center in Bethlehem when Terry and Melissa saw the need for youth work where 70% of the population was under the age of 20. Due to conflict and the influx of refugees in Jordan, they began leading teams and doing outreach work serving refugees. Al Bayt now has three branches: Refugee Aid Mission, Markaz Community Development, and Family Aid.

Today Terry and Melissa live and work in the Middle East. They facilitate training and learning with Markaz Community Development, support teams visiting from the United States, and coordinate refugee relief work and home visits to refugee families with local churches and organizations.

Contact Terry and Melissa at refugeeaidmission11@gmail.com.

Advisors — Jayne and Rick Brekelbaum

Jayne and Rick Brekelbaum have had a full life serving the Lord. Their retirement has been a re-hirement by the Lord. They are active in their church community, attending conferences, teaching/mentoring for CEO Global, training for ION, serving on the board of Pure Charity, hosting many small groups, and more. They currently live in Northwest Arkansas and serve RAM as advisors.

Branches of Al Bayt

Refugee Aid Mission (RAM) Branch

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those who are being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice." Proverbs 31:8-9

How will we answer for our place in history? We believe, that living in today's times, we must answer for how we engage in the world regarding the refugee crisis. With over 80 million refugees in the world today there are no easy solutions. However, as we engage on the frontlines in this crisis we see that there are open doors for refugees to receive hope and peace.

We love providing aid to hurting refugees and we love bringing hope. Many refugees are seeking hope and peace. For the refugees to hear, there must be someone telling them. This is why our presence and encouraging others who work with refugees by helping them, is an important part of refugee aid. We have a list of over 500 refugee families who have asked for someone to come and visit them. Who will go?

The local believers make up less than 2% of the population in most of the Middle East. They are working with organizations and others to visit as many people as possible, but the task is too great.

We invite teams, interns and others to come and join us in serving refugee families. If you are interested in going, please contact us. We have several short-term trips coming up and we would love to have you join one and join us in being hope to refugee families.

Email us at refugeeaidmission11@gmail.com.

Markaz Community Development Branch

Markaz Community Development hosts and coordinates training at facilities for ministry outreach, vocation, fine arts, mentorship programs, tutoring and education for refugee families.

Many of the talented refugees in our community help us do training and classes. We believe that through community development refugees' lives can be enriched and we can bring hope with dignity.

Thank you for joining in our mission to “be hope" to refugees by providing valuable skills that are used to provide for their families.

Support Al Bayt's Markaz Community Development Branch

Family Aid Branch

We partner with many local refugee aid workers, pastors and others to reach out to refugee families.

We visit refugee families to share hope, our testimonies, Bible stories, and to bring aid. We work with locals to consistently visit these families. We take groceries and provide for basic needs when we visit based on the recommendation of local workers. Thank you for the support that allows us to provide food, medicine and other needed aid to refugee families.

Thank you for joining in our mission to bring aid to refugee families.

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Adam fled war in Sudan as a teen. He came to find safety and his mother felt that he could have an opportunity for a future if he left Sudan. He has family who live in Kenya, Libya, Netherlands, and Egypt—all of them fled conflict. He lived for two years in Jordan doing odd jobs and received refugee status from the UN. He was invited to a local church and after some time joined English classes and other studies offered by churches and organizations. Today he speaks English fluently, hopes to return to Sudan and help others, and wants to do outreach to his community bringing hope. Adam helps us in our work serving refugee families.


Amjad’s family fled from Syria. After years of war they fled and found safety and were granted UN refugee status. However, Amjad was angry and disillusioned with life after growing up in a conflict zone. He wanted to make a difference by becoming a terrorist. Thankfully he was not able to pursue that course, but he was able to attend university because of his high test scores. Amjad met others at university who invited him to attend church and he found hope and peace. After some time, he joined us in our work serving refugee families.


Sami left home with his two wives and nine children because conflict in Yemen was escalating. He wanted to take his family to safety. We met him when he came to us asking for aid. He had no money for electricity or food and one of his children was sick. Over time we became friends with his family and have been able to help with different needs, but more importantly we were able to share hope with him. Today he serves with us reaching out to refugee families and sharing aid and hope.


Nasir fled from ISIS with his family. They left their Christian village in Iraq to seek safety. After receiving refugee status from the UN they waited for seven years. They hope to be resettled soon. Nasir was a teacher in Iraq, but the regulations for refugees do not allow refugees to work. He was not able to care for his family, and we were able to help Nasir provide for his family for several years while they waited for resettlement. He helps us serve refugees.


Mohammad is a refugee who fled Somalia with his family. He left Somalia many years ago because of conflict. We met Mohammad because he was having heart trouble and could not find any help. He had gone to the UN and other organizations and had been turned away. After visiting his family and getting medical advice, we were able to raise funds to help Mohammad get the help he needed. Today he often visits us and we have become friends. Our goal is to share hope and peace with his family as we continue to be involved in his life.


Mariam and her sister took their children and fled conflict in Sudan two years ago. They were not able to register with the UN because of Covid and the UN was closed. They had only what they could carry and no way to pay their rent or buy food. They came to us asking for aid. After visiting their home and listening to their story, we were able to provide some aid. Over time we have developed a friendship and we helped her buy raw material for making beautiful, handcrafted baskets which she can sell for an income.


If you would like to give to Markaz Community Development, you can give at: global-outfitters.org/markaz

If you would like to give to the Prison Ministry, you can give at: global-outfitters.org/prison

If you would like to give to the Family Aid Ministry, you can give at: global-outfitters.org/refugee

To give to Terry and Melissa directly, use one of these options at meigiving.org. Use Designation Code TR3506.

Contact Terry and Melissa

Email us at refugeeaidmission11@gmail.com, or contact us using the form below.