Our Mission

To meet needs and share hope with displaced people and refugees in the Middle East.

Our Strategy

  • Partner with local refugee aid workers by encouraging and assisting them in their work with refugee families.
  • Be present through consistent visits to refugee families sharing hope and aid.
  • Encourage others to participate by presenting opportunities for people to pray, give, and go.

About Refugee Aid Mission

Refugee Aid Mission (RAM) has three branches of ministry: Refugee Family Aid Branch, a Refugee Learning Center Branch, and the Prison Ministry Branch.

Prison Ministry helps African women who are being held in prison until they have money for a plane ticket home and provides for basic needs of prisoners.

Refugee Family Aid Branch provides refugee families with needs—heaters, food, medicine, medical care, and more.

The Refugee Learning Center trains refugees in job skills and has a tutoring program for refugee children.

Founders — Terry and Melissa Rhodes

Terry and Melissa Rhodes have worked in the Middle East for over 10 years. Founders of Refugee Aid Mission, they have gone to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey interacting with refugees and believers in those countries.

Contact Terry and Melissa at refugeeaidmission11@gmail.com.

Global Assistant/ME Team Director — Gina Hauptman

Gina Hauptman graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2017. She served as a high school science teacher in Bethlehem for the 2017-2018 academic year. She found joy building relationships with students, investing in their education, and discipling them one on one and in the classroom. Gina works with RAM as the Global Assistant: hosting teams from America, communicating with RAM’s Local Directors in the United States for Refugee Family Aid, Prison Ministry, and the Refugee Learning Center, sharing hope with refugees and bringing aid.

Contact Gina at ramglobalassistant@gmail.com.

Local Director of Prison Ministry — Caroline Brugge

During her junior year at the University of Arkansas, Caroline Brugge traveled with a RAM team to the Middle East. She has a deep yearning for justice regarding human trafficking and when she met Mama Mary knew that she would like to be a part of working towards living in a slave free world. If your heart yearns for this cause, please feel free to reach out to her. She can direct you in how you can be a part of helping imprisoned women in the Middle East.

Contact Caroline at ramprisonministry@gmail.com.

Local Director, Refugee Family Aid Branch — Zach Morris

Zach Morris is from Joplin, Missouri. He graduated from the University of Arkansas and works as a Case Manager serving the homeless population in Arkansas. He went with Refugee Aid Mission to the Middle East and now is excited to play a role in providing aid and hope to refugee families in the Middle East.

Contact Zach at ramfamilyaid@gmail.com.

US Team Director — Cole Spencer

Cole Spencer is a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas. He is a student at the University of Arkansas studying International Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. He is a Local Director for RAM and organizes trips and mobilizes others to be involved in helping bring hope and aid to refugees.

Contact Cole at ramteamsdirector@gmail.com.

Advisors — Jayne and Rick Brekelbaum

Jayne and Rick Brekelbaum have had a full life serving the Lord. Their retirement has been a re-hirement by the Lord. They are active in their church community, attending conferences, teaching/mentoring for CEO Global, training for ION, serving on the board of Pure Charity, hosting many small groups, and more. They currently live in Northwest Arkansas and serve RAM as advisors in addition to their many other hats.

Team Trips

Teams are an important part of Refugee Aid Mission’s strategy.

Teams are hosted in the Middle East for a week, two weeks, or longer to come alongside refugee aid workers and help. This informs others in the US about refugee aid work, and generates an excitement, growth and love towards refugees and those who are working there. Our desire is to see many more people in the US involved in helping bring hope to refugees through these teams.

A typical short-term trip to the Middle East is ten days long. It breaks down something like this:

  • 2 days interacting with refugees from various countries, including Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Eritrea
  • 1-2 days interacting with Iraqi Christian refugees
  • 2 days interacting with Syrian refugees
  • 1 day attending church with a local congregation serving youth
  • 1 day touring

The cost of the trip, including plane ticket, is $3,500. We can provide a budget and a sample schedule on request.

If you are interested in learning more about teams going to the Middle East to bring hope and aid to refugees, please contact us. Our Local Director of Teams in the United States will provide more information about this opportunity.

Email us at ramteamsdirector@gmail.com.


Give by check

To donate to Refugee Aid Mission by check, make a check out to MEI and write in the memo Rhodes—TR3506.  Send the check to:

P.O. Box 2127
Bentonville, AR 72712

Please attach a separate note stating that the donation is for Terry and Melissa Rhodes or put TR3506 in the memo line.

Give online: credit card or PayPal

To donate to Refugee Aid Mission online via credit card or PayPal, visit the MEI donation page.

Fill in your information and choose "Reoccuring Gift" or "Special Gift".

Add TR3506 in the "Person/Project/Account" field that appears when you choose "Reoccuring Gift" or "Special Gift".

Give online: EFT or direct deposit

To donate to Refugee Aid Mission online via EFT or direct deposit, visit the MEI direct draft page.

Add TR3506 in the "List Designation Account Number or Information" field.

How will this money be used?

We raise money to help with schools, job skills, aid and other refugee aid work in the Middle East.

You can choose to support a particular branch of ministry: Refugee Family Aid Branch, Refugee Learning Center, Prison Ministry, or general giving to RAM.

With your help, we will be able to help support the refugee aid workers and pastors who continually give to and work with the refugees. We will be able to give necessities to the refugees we visit. We thank you for your support enabling us to give to those in need.

Refugee Aid Mission is an affiliate of Mission Enablers International (MEI), which is a registered 501c3 in the state of Arkansas. All donations will receive a tax receipt and are eligible for deduction. Donations of any size are accepted. Your donations will go to help refugees in the Middle East.

Branches of Refugee Aid Mission

Refugee Family Aid Branch

The heart of Refugee Aid Mission is its Refugee Family Aid Branch.

We partner with many local refugee aid workers and pastors to reach out to refugee families. We visit the families and bring them necessities: groceries, heaters, medicine, help with medical procedures, and more. Local workers consistently visit the families and develop relationships with them, finding out what their needs are, and we then give money to provide for their needs.

Iraqi Christian refugee families

A pastor and his wife have an outreach to Iraqi Christians who have fled Iraq. They have a place called Markez Baraka to distribute grocery vouchers and give Bible studies. They have the head of the house (and maybe the wife or mother) come to the center to pick up grocery vouchers. They have visitors, like us, visit with the refugees before they distribute the vouchers. The center has a large room with a table and chairs and two side rooms to meet. The women prepare tea and then all sit around the table to allow for a time of sharing and teaching for twenty to thirty minutes. We bought the vouchers for the families. About half of the families were from Mosul, and the other half from Baghdad.

We spent around three hours at the center visiting with these refugee families and then had lunch with them. We were able to hear many of their stories and share hope from the Bible with them. One of the memorable stories was from a family who fled Baghdad after being harassed by the terrorist and militia groups because they are Christians. After the death of a family member by a bombing, they left with just the clothes on their backs. They arrived recently. There are many stories like this and we listen and pray for them individually.

Syrian refugee families

Mahmoud, his wife, and their seven children are from Homs, Syria. Their children are from three to fourteen years old. The four-year-old is very thin, not growing well, and the oldest is also not very big. They are worried about the 4-year old’s health. They fled Homs with bombing in full force. They were very frightened when they fled their city. They had to pay a large sum for each one of them to flee and get a ride to safety and to the border. They stayed in a camp at the border in Syria for four months — the children were afraid and having difficulty there. Then they crossed into the bordering country.

They would like to go back to Syria, but the instability in Syria will not allow this. Their children are at a school, but not getting a good education. One of the oldest, Naser, is 14 and cannot write. He is teased by the teacher and has a difficult time. They want him to be able to get an education. There are many families that we visit like Mahmoud’s. We bring groceries, vitamins, and help with medical bills. In addition, we share hope.

House of Faith

Refugee aid workers from Argentina run a center called House of Faith. It serves refugee widows and fatherless children. Over forty children come to the center. They host morning and afternoon sessions working with sewing machine training. Our team went to the grocery store and bought groceries for sixteen families. We left groceries for the women attending the sessions. Little Juju goes to the center with his aunt. His father died in the war in Syria, as did his uncle. He lives with his aunt and her children. They attend the House of Faith where his aunt learns to sew and receives help with the children.

In addition to helping with their physical needs we share hope.

You can support a refugee family by giving thirty-five dollars a month. The money will go directly to providing groceries and other necessities to refugee families.

Support RAM’s Refugee Family Aid Branch

Refugee Learning Center Branch

Pastor Fernando and Pastor Yagup are supporting a Syrian refugee family as they begin a Refugee Learning Center.

Pastor Fernando and his family are active in refugee aid in the Middle East. They perform outreach to around eighty refugee families by home visitation ministry. Their other ministry activities include hosting a youth group, teaching music lessons, pastoring a Hispanic church, leading a women’s ministry teaching crafts, and serving as assistant pastor to a local congregation.

Pastor Yagup is the lead pastor of the same local congregation. He and his wife also visit a large number of refugee families of many nationalities.

One of the Syrian refugee families that Pastor Fernando visited was Abu Rabia and his family. Pastor Fernando and his family had visited Abu Rabia and his family for about three years. Abu Rabia and his family now take our team on home visits to refugee families. This family further serves their Syrian refugee community through education.

Abu Rabia and his wife, Kauther, currently tutor many children and teach women how to sew at their house. After working this way for about a year they now need to rent a separate apartment and host more tutoring classes. Refugees like Sabah and Miriam, pictured here, come to their home.

Sabah lives with her husband and two children. Her husband lost his hand in the Syrian war. Sometimes he works as a cleaner. With his small salary they try to cover expenses for their children. She is learning to sew to help provide for her family.

Miriam’s husband married a second wife, and now she lives alone with her three children. The two younger children are in school, and the older son works in a restaurant with little payment. Her daughter says that she is not well taught in school, so one of our team members is tutoring her in math.

There are many other families benefitting from the Learning Center. Not only do they learn important skills, they also receive hope.

Thirty-five dollars a month will enable a family to attend the center. All donations go directly to the learning center.

Support RAM’s Refugee Learning Center Branch

Prison Ministry Branch

Mama Mary has helped hundreds of women in prison.

Mama Mary is a domestic worker in the Middle East. She saw many young African women suffer abuse and injustice as domestic workers. She has helped hundreds of women in prison in the Middle East. She helps them process out of prison, helps provide for their needs, visits them while they are in prison, and gets plane tickets for them to go back to their home countries.

The women are in prison because they ran away from their “employers”. They left Africa with the understanding that they would work cleaning homes and being nannies for Middle Eastern families. However, many of them find themselves in abusive situations: passports taken, not allowed to leave the home, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and no pay. Out of desperation they run away from the home. When the police pick them up off the streets, they take women to be held in prison for not having their passports. Then Mama Mary will be notified, and she helps women negotiate with the “employers” for the passports and helps the women get plane tickets back to their countries.

Refugee Aid Mission (RAM) helps to provide for the needs of these prisoners and purchase plane tickets for women who are released to leave prison once their plane ticket is purchased. Many women are waiting in the prisons for a plane ticket. Last year RAM purchased five tickets for women in prison who are now in their home countries.

When you support RAM’s Prison Ministry you help to pay for airplane tickets allowing African women to return home.

Support RAM’s Prison Ministry Branch

RAM team with Mama Mary

Contact Terry and Melissa

Email us at refugeeaidmission11@gmail.com.